Saturday, September 7, 2013 at 1:00pm to 3:00pm

The Ecology Center Presents: Pickling & Canning

Waste less, eat well, and savor the flavor of the summer harvest all year. Learn homesteading techniques of pickling and canning using herbs, spices, brine and/or vinegar. The warm temperate climate kisses Southern California and provides an abundant growing season all year, especially in the summer. With so much good growth, it’s hard to keep up! Preservation is the only way to ensure food from the summer harvest doesn’t spoil or go to waste. This workshop will outline the two most beloved methods of how to preserve food with pickling and canning. Pickling, brining, or preserving food by anaerobic fermentation, gives food a salty or sour taste taste that you might just love. You can experiment pickling almost anything, or stick to the favorites like veggies and eggs. Receive useful advice on tools, materials, sanitation techniques, procedures and more in this workshop.

Did you know that 21% of waste sent to the landfill in the US is food ( Through preserving, we can truly adopt and honor this way of life. A way of life that directly cuts your at-home food waste, diminishes the size of our landfills, provides food security and saves you money. Preservation and canning also lend foods a helping hand by enhancing flavor and increasing nutritional quality. Let’s rid ourselves of this statistic. We can combat food waste together, one jar of deliciously pickled goods at a time.

By participating in this program you are supporting The Ecology Center’s Backyard Skills workshops, which encourage people to be part of the solution by teaching them the building blocks to have a sustainable culture. 

Class fills quickly!  Advanced registration requested.  Drop-ins are welcome, subject to availability.


$12 minimum fee per person, whatever you pay is paid forward. All funds collected support The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. To register, please click on the Sign Up tab below. 

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$12.00 minimum donation

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Minimum: $12.00


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