Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 1:00pm to 3:00pm

The Ecology Center Presents: Create a Hand-Made Journal

Design your vision of a healthy future inside a handmade journal. Learn about tools, materials, binding, papermaking, and more. Take home your own journal. 

Journals can be a fantastic tool. They have helped many people create works of art, write beautiful poetry, and inspire great progress and ingenuity. Join us to make your own handmade journals and begin your path of creation. In this workshop, we will use decorative and handmade paper, a thread and needle to create a unique journal that will last for years. Learn how to construct their own, learn papermaking and binding techniques, decorative hints, supplies, tools and more. Participants of this workshop will take home a handmade journal.

Making and using your own journal can afford the writer, and even our Mother Earth, many benefits. By using recycled paper, you are making a difference by consuming less. Specifically, less resources used in manufacturing and transporting new journals from their origins in the forest to the store shelf. All of this while expanding on your quest of self-exploration and possibly, stress management. Enjoy the benefits afforded to you and your environment when you make your own handmade journal in this workshop.

By participating in this program you are supporting The Ecology Center’s Backyard Skills workshops, which encourage people to be part of the solution by teaching them the building blocks to have a sustainable culture. 

Class fills quickly!  Advanced registration requested.  Drop-ins are welcome, subject to availability.


$12 minimum fee per person, whatever you pay is paid forward. All funds collected support The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. To register, please click on the Sign Up tab below. 


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