Saturday, June 1, 2013 at 1:00pm to 3:00pm

The Ecology Center Presents: Backyard Skills- Cheesemaking (For All Ages)

Enjoy superior tasting cheese - free from preservatives, stabilizers, and plastic wrap. Learn about ingredients, techniques, tools and the science behind making cheese at home.

We love cheese, but we love being a cheesemaker even more. Cheesemaking is a unique trade skill that dates back thousands of years. Not just to please our taste buds, cheese was made as a way to add nutritional value, economical value, and preserve different types of milk - cow, goat and sheep being the most common. In this workshop, learn how the process of turning milk into delicious cheese is quite simple. Understand ingredients, techniques, tools and how to get started. Become a cheesemaker today! You’re already a cheesemaker? Even better! Come sharpen your craft and learn skills around culturing, draining, and ripening cheeses.

So, why make cheese at home instead of buying it from the store? When you choose homemade cheese, you choose to reduce your energy and resource consumption by eliminating the environmental costs of processing, packaging, refrigerating and transporting. Another benefit? You can taste the difference in the freshness of homemade cheese. Plus, you eliminate preservatives, stabilizers, other artificial ingredients and the plastic wrap that store-bought cheese must contain in order to sit on the shelf for months. Did we mention, making your own cheese is cheap, fun, and oh yeah, delicious. Learn the basics of making cheese today!

By participating in this program you are supporting The Ecology Center’s Backyard Skills workshops, which encourage people to be part of the solution by teaching them the building blocks to have a sustainable culture. 

Class fills quickly!  Advanced registration requested.  Drop-ins are welcome, subject to availability.


$12 minimum fee per person, whatever you pay is paid forward. All funds collected support The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano. To register, please click on the sliding scale fee link below. 

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